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Started by Skhilled, January 25, 2008, 09:32:43 PM

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Thanks Skillz, this

will come in very handy for me since I am making another forum. I did mine a while back and

needed something to refresh my memory  :)


I tend to get

forgetful when I don't work on something for a while.


I'm interested in learning every article but i will start in installing smilies.It's fun to see them on my post.It becomes an expression of my attitudes and feelings.


I do need to update the list. LOL

I've been busy with SMF Arcade, E-Arcade and helping a lot others with their sites. Sometimes, I tend to forget my own site. LOL

Here are some sites with some nice smileys: - No longer active - No longer active




New Articles!!!
Learn FTP The Easy Way - NEW in the Servers block!!!
Adding Membergroup Badges - NEW in the Mods block!!!