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« on: September 13, 2009, 07:03:26 AM »
YOU MUST GO THERE TO TODAY FOR THE $1.00 GIFT CARDS! TODAY IS THE LAST DAY!!! has gift cards for restaurants in your area. For instance, for a $25 card you pay only $10!!! You must read the fine print. They are for dine-in only and you must buy a certain amount. Say, for a $25 card you must spend at least $35. So, you spend $10 for the gift card and spend another at the restaurant = $20 for a $35 meal! You also can not use it for tips and alcohol.

Go there and register. Choose your gift card and for the discount code use "ninety". The cards you purchase will only cost $1.00. This ends today! I just bought 4 of the $25 cards for 2 different restaurants for only $4.00!!!! $100.00 worth of gift cards for only $4.00!!!  :dancebun:
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